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Picasso at the Lapin Agile

It's time to talk about the play.

Two weeks ago I was in San Diego downtown. That was actually the shortest trip I'd ever done - spent one night at a hotel and two nights on the plane. I could catch two performances of Justin's play with only a day off of work - the world has become quite convenient, hasn't it?

Picasso at the Lapin Agile was a well-made production. There were lots of laugh and all the cast did solid jobs. As the play was said "star studded", all characters worked well equally. The story itself went in the same room all through and there were less action, so it was felt a bit long to me in the middle of no-intermission 105 minutes. But it was rewarded by fun of the latter half and there was even added a surprise gift of curtain call - all the cast sung and danced to the hit tune of Elvis, plus all male cast played one piece of phrase with different instruments each (Justin's was a violin). That was such an entertaining ensemble.
Regarding Justin's Einstein, I think he did really a great job. He portrayed the fictionally actual person very well with moderately exaggerated expression, speaking, and moves (also that mustache since Tusk).
At first glance it seemed the most different type of character from Justin himself among the characters he ever played. But a nerdy young scientist, who was described in contrast to the womanizer painter Picasso, somehow had something
in common with the nerdy characters which Justin played in his younger days.
To do the well-known character in the well-known, repeatedly produced play must be a challenging job for Justin.
Hope he will enjoy his own Einstein with the rest of performances.

New Year Updates

Hi guys - hope anybody is here.
In the beginning of the year let's look at Justin's latest activities.

There are two films which have been shot last year and are expected to be released this year.

Literally, Right Before Aaron is a dramedy and Justin plays a guy who attends his ex's wedding.
This behind-the-scene photo may tell the humorous mood of the movie.

And Then I Go, based on a novel by Jim Shepard "Project X", is the first movie in which Justin plays a father. His son, who shows his back in this photo, looks cute but he ends up spreeing a gun to his classmates (oh, no). Melanie Lynskey plays a mother.

It looks like that Justin has been doing more projects with his brother Christian.

They shot the web series which stars Justin as a highschooler(!!) Stephen Blatt, collaborated with Ringling college. I think, no matter how young Justin looks, it is risky to play a highschooler for him in his late 30...yet I can't wait for its release.

They also made a videoclip to "dump" Trump for president election, and Justin voiced the baby. If this video had come out to the world earlier the result may have been different...anyway the baby looks SO cute.


It feels a kind weird to see Justin in a device advertisement other than Mac.
But this Huawei Mate 9 web ad somehow fits Justin , I think.

Last week the Palm Beach Post has posted the video interview of Justin and his granma Jody Lesniak, who has just turned 100(!!). Justin's mom Wendy appears in the video, too.
And the latest news has just come out. Justin will join the cast of Picasso at the Lapin Agile, the play at the Old Globe Theater in San Diego. It's been five years since Seminar that Justin does a month-long play.  I want to see this so bad but I'm not sure if I will be able to.

I can't believe that it has been already 5 days since I returned from my long journey to Williamstown. This time I unfolded my folding umbrella as my first experience there. The village beautiful was still beautiful in the rain, but I wish I could have enjoyed sunshine of Berkshire like my past visits.

As for the play Romance Novels for Dummies, I was a little worried about it because the reviews were not so great. To be honest I agreed with the point that the play would have fitted the Nikos Stage more than the Main Stage, judging from the play's "charming small play" taste. But I thought the cast including Justin all did good jobs.
Justin played three characters - a hyper personal trainer Jake, a bartender in a kind affected manner Charles, and a down to earth jazz trumpeter Myron - all were the dates of heroine Liz.

The former two were small roles, rather for laughter and scene connecting. On the play's last performance there even was applause for hilariousness of Liz and Charles dating scene.
The third character Myron was felt the closest to Justin himself among the characters which I have seen in Williamstown. Justin played wonderfully this musician guy who has just experienced breakup from his girlfriend. Though the relationship between Myron and Liz didn't end as the happy ending, I enjoyed their scenes so much. I especially loved the scene that Liz visited Myron's apartment in which Myron played a trumpet (yes, justin played it for about 30 seconds) sitting next to Liz.

The next time for Justin to join the festival might be several years after, but I hope I will be able to see him there again at that time.
Hi, is there anyone?
I hope you guys are all well.

Before the main topic, this is a picture showing Justin's recent activities (except his support for Bernie Saunders).

From left to right; Sundance Film Festival for Yoga Hosers in January, Shooting ABC's soccer comedy pilot Dream Team in March, and Tribeca Film Festival for Lavender in April.
Among these I am especially looking forward to see Lavender, a thriller starring Abbie Cornish, because Justin plays a psychiatrist in it.

Aaaand for three years in a row, Justin will spend summer in Williamstown again. This time he will appear in Romance Novels for Dummies on Main Stage.

According to an audition website, his character is described as follows;

If this means that Justin plays three different characters in one play, I am more interested and would really like to fly to Berkshire in July.

WTFestival Final Update

I know this is now out of season. I was going to post this three months ago.

Following his first play in the festival Legacy, Justin did a two-hander An Intervention with
Josh Hamilton.

I could not see the latter, but judging from these photos it must have been unique and interesting.

One of the reasons which I loved seeing Legacy is that that was the last chance to see Justin with his semi-long hair this year (he is in short hair these months).

After WTF there have been
1  a small appearance in Drunk History (I really loved that episode)
2  a sad news about split from Amanda (and Finn)
3  joining an indie comedy Ghost Team
4  reunion with his brother Christian on the project with Ringling College
5  a news that Justin will voice Spyro the dragon in the vidgame based TV animation show “Skylanders”.

I hope Justin will soon find a new girlfriend and be back to his semi-long hair again.

WTFestival Updates part 2

Like my previous post, there were some more photos behind the scenes of Legacy posted by Halley Feiffer.

I’m very curious about what bulge photo of Mr Bogosian Justin posted in his instagram.

My travel plan had been struggling until early this month, but I managed to be in Williamstown last weekend. I caught final two performances of Legacy and one of starry Off The Main Road.
Legacy was a bit different kinda play, it even had an operating scene about reducing to a singleton from twins. As some writer reviewed, “uneasy comedy” described the play. I enjoyed it in its own way and thought that all the cast worked well.

Justin’s role Dr. Goodman had the least amount of lines among his roles which I’ve seen on stage, He was an outsider to a triangle drama of three main characters, and rather worked as a show-stealing one linerer. I liked that a self confident, a bit eccentric character fitted Justin so much there. In addition, it was a fun to see Justin in a short sleeved white operating gown.

Here are some photos by T. Charles Erickson. He has posted all shots of Legacy in his website but they are currently LOCKED. You’ll be able to see them once they get unlocked.

WTFestival updates and another topic

As it has been reported and is now official at theater website, Justin will do double duty at Williamstown Theater Festival this summer. His second play Intervention is said to have rotating cast and particular dates of Justin’s performance is not sure at this time.


As for Legacy, his first play in the festival seems to have started rehearsals in the town.
There is no clear evidence of Justin’s joining rehearsals, but his co-star Halley Feiffer posted this photo in her twitter with caption “Hard at work at @WTFest”. The photo shows Justin plays with someone (maybe one of the theater staff). I hope the production will give audience a lot of fun even though Jusin’s role is small.


By the way I just found this post from Justin’s best friend Jonathan Togo. It is Bday message to Justin posted 3 weeks ago. According to Justin(jlong78)’s comment the dog in the video is Moose, so the video must have been taken several years ago. If you haven't seen this go to Jonathan's Instagram and see what Moose is doing to Justin's arm. I’ve read that Justin gave Moose to someone. Where is Moose now?

Same as last summer’s Living On Love, Justin appears at the festival’s stage again. He will play Jeremy Goodman in Legacy, replacing previously cast Greg Keller.
According to an audition website, Justin’s character is “a high risk ob/byn (mistake of ob/gyn ?), eccentric with a bit of God Complex”.

I think Justin's doctor role is for the first time in nine years since the movie Idiocracy. At this moment I can’t image Justin as the character described above, but (strongly) want to see him in a white coat.

So much TUSK!

Justin has been doing the promotional rounds for TUSK. Interviews, videos, AMA's... the boy is busy! Here's a round-up of a few I've seen.


01. The post-movie Q&A for TUSK at the world premiere at TIFF. Features Kevin Smith, Justin, Genesis Rodriguez, and Haley Joel Osment. I haven't watched this one, but it's for people who just saw the movie and the intro says they will be discussing specific plot point, so spoilers ahoy.

02. Interview with Justin post-TIFF. Nothing specific, but allusions to what happens in the movie.

03. Justin on "Sway in the Morning". I only watched the first 5 minutes, but again it only seems to allude to the movie without specific spoilers. Also reveals that Justin will be in the next movie in the series, this time playing a yogi.

04. Justin on Jimmy Fallon. They never get around to talking about TUSK in this clip, but Justin is adorable.

04. Justin and Genesis at the AOLBuild interview. I haven't watched this one yet.


Justin also recently did an "Ask Me Anything" at reddit.com. If only he would let us know about these things before the day they happen! Here's the reddit page for that:


If only Justin was this busy all the time. Enjoy!

Justin at TIFF

I had the great good fortune to meet Justin again at the recent Toronto International Film Festival. He was as sweet as ever and we actually had a long conversation in line. What an amazing experience. You can read the detail on my LJ here.

And here's one of the interviews Justin (and the rest of the cast) did in the press line. Justin appears several times so watch the whole thing. :)




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