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justinlong_hq's Journal

An Open Forum for Fans

Justin Long Headquarters
Posting Access:
All Members
A place to share news, pictures, updates, and general love and appreciation of actor Justin Long

This is the place to come and get your Justin fix. Find and share the latest news, pics and general squee about any and all things Justin Long!


Our Policy: We love Justin.
This means 2 things.

1. Anything Goes
We want to hear it all. From the latest updates on the web about what Justin is up to, or the picspam of his adorable dog Moose you just posted on your LJ, to your I-swear-I-just-saw-Justin-at-WalMart stories. Even that dream you had about getting hired as Moose's dog walker and ending up doing tequila shots in Atlantic City with him and both of his brothers. If you have anything fun to share that's remotely Justin-related we're interested!

2. Haters to the Left
BUT. If you have some kind of beef, negativity, or hate on for Justin in general - we aren't. Just like Justin, we're all for free speech and what not, which means if it's that important to you to voice your hateration opinion - you're free to. By starting your own comm. This is a place to appreciate Justin.

Mod's Policy: Don't make me come over there. Please.

I'm lazy pretty laid back. I'm not really going to put on the bossypants and control what gets posted here. You have to be a member to post, but anyone can sign up and there's no waiting for approvals - either for your membership to be accepted, or for your post to go through. That said, posts are monitored and flaming of either Justin or your fellow posters will earn you a swift and tasty banning. Ye be warned.
So now come on in and join the party!